Millennials are Moving Out and Into Community

Millennials are Moving Out and Into Community

Our very own Melissa Ritz will be off to St. Anselm—a ‘radical’, mixed-sex new religious community set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in 2015…in the heart of London, tucked away inside Lambeth Palace.” Why are millennials dropping everything to live like monks for a year? Find out more here: 

Though it may be lacking the same radical program, Christ Church has its own intentional community (also known as Ascension House), which used to house the clergy of the parish. It now houses up to 6 young adults from across Canada, in a variety of schools and programs, who form an intentional Christian Community during the school year.  The residents work together to decide on the “rule of life” that will shape their common life together over the school year and are supported in the spiritual component of their community by Christ Church. Twice a month Ascension House gathers with members of the congregation who volunteer their time towards for bible study and discussion. For the past year, residents have been reading and engaging in “the 5 habits of missional people,” as well as “For the Life of the World” during YAG (Young Adults Group) events. The house currently has room for 2 more people! Residents are expected to be an active Christian between the ages of 18-25. If you’d like a welcoming place to live in and a community to support you, we’d love to get to know you. You can complete an application by downloading the document below, or email Anna at for more information.


Hear what residents of Ascension House have said:

I  moved to Edmonton from Regina, SK, to study Graphic Design at MacEwan University. I was quite nervous for this huge transition, however, Ascension House allowed me to forget all those worries. Whether that was through the (many) walks to Remedy or inviting guests over to share their faith stories. I have come to learn what topics interest me and how I can deepen connections with those around me. One particular interest is sustainability, which brought me to helping with the planting of the garden at St.Aidan’s House.

—Anna Schroeder


 During my stay at Ascension House, I started my first year in the Bachelor of Theology program at Newman Theological College. The highlights of my year here not only were the birthdays, but the guest speakers, such as Rev. Travis Enright and Dorothy Marshall. Discussions about indigenous urban reconciliation and sustainable farming improved the sense of wisdom in the house as a whole. The sense of community and fellowship in such events was very life giving. My plans for next year involve returning to Ascension House and undergoing my second year at NTC.

—Mathew McPhee


 The highlight of the year for me was living with great people that helped me grow and learn about myself. We had lots of fun and serious conversation. It wasn’t easy, but I definitely enjoyed my year in the house! My next plan is to set up my day home and help guide children through their development.

—Natasha Enright

 I moved to Edmonton from Ontario last September in order to participate in the Ascend Leadership Project. I have been working as the Youth Pastor at St. Paul’s Anglican Church since last October. I was glad to return to Ascension House for another year. The highlight of my year was celebrating each of our birthdays together! Next year I am moving to Toronto. I have applied to Wycliffe College for my Masters in Theology in Urban and International Development. I am grateful to everyone who had made Edmonton feel like a home away from home .

—Sydney Caron

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