Christ Church Connexion

Christ Church Connexion

Dear friends,

Our current newsletter is full of stories of engagement, generosity and transformation. Presented in words and pictures, these stories point to some of the ways God is moving in and through our congregation and community.

Special thanks are due to Anna Schroeder, whose skills and creativity have shaped them into the form you now see.

This past week, all the clergy in the Diocese of Edmonton gathered for a day of learning together. Our special guest was Bishop Victoria Matthews. Bishop Victoria, who served as Bishop of Edmonton from 1997 to 2007, shared her experience of preaching hope in the midst of crisis during her time in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was struck by her resilience and dedication to the people of that community during the many earthquakes which devastated their city in 2011. I was inspired by her message of hope, which she presented through stories of caring, generosity and public witness. Even as people were without all the necessities of life in the days and weeks following the earthquakes, many of them were able to find hope in the helping hands of complete strangers. I was amazed by the profound simplicity of these small acts which, she reminded us , could fill people with a sense of God’s loving care.

Listening to Bishop Victoria encouraged me to look for small ways that I, as a priest and disciple of Jesus Christ, might seek out opportunities to be a vehicle of hope for someone else.

We don’t often have answers to the inevitable ‘why’ questions emerging in the midst of tragedy. We feel useless. But the simple act of being present can carry the message of the hope of the gospel.

When those around us are struggling to find hope in seemingly hopeless situations may we be beacons of that hope in our presence and small acts of kindness each and every day.

May you also be inspired as you read of our own small stories, in our own Christ Church, here in Edmonton.


Rev. Sue


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