Christ Church Mosaic 2023-2024

Christ Church Mosaic 2023-2024

You Belong Here!

The former rectory, next door to the Parish of Christ Church, is now home to Christ Church Mosaic, formerly known as Ascension House. Christ Church Mosaic provides affordable housing to six Christian students (18-25 years of age) from across Canada and beyond. Christ Church Mosaic is much more than just affordable student housing: it is an intentional Christian Community where five young adults live out their faith and their lives together, in an intentional and welcoming space. Supported by the parish of Christ church, students are welcomed into a home away from home where they can live out their faith, grow in their knowledge of God and be intentional about living in community.

The change of name in 2023 from Ascension House to Christ Church Mosaic was done to not only acknowledge the close connections between this small Christian community and the next-door church, but also to recognize its intention to be inclusive and welcoming.

Each student residing at Christ Church Mosaic has their own bedroom, with a shared kitchen, laundry room, washrooms, and recreation areas. They will work together to determine a “rule of life”, which will inform their faith journey over the course of the year. A group of dedicated volunteers from the Parish of Christ Church will meet with the community members regularly for such activities as sharing a meal, worship, community building and faith formation. Mosaic members are invited to participate in the life and worship of the parish of Christ Church, but are not required to do so.

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2023-24 academic year. The application link is :