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Community Outreach

Christ Church takes seriously the call of the gospel to love our neighbours, to breaks bonds of oppression, and to thirst after justice and mercy for all. Our commitment to social justice takes a variety of shapes throughout the year including: Community Dinners, Refugee Sponsorship, Community BBQ’s, and through our Social Justice Action Team (SJAT).
Jesus’ last words to his disciples were that they should take the transformative message of the gospel and share it. Christ Church’s story of faith, worship, and community is what shapes and strengthens us as we respond to the world around us. Our desire to effect change in the lives of others is rooted in this love of God and compassion for others. While everyone’s faith is lived out in different ways, Christ Church is united in our desire to reach out to the community around us.
— Board Member of Edmonton’s E4C Organization
— Board Member at The Canterbury Foundation
— Volunteer at the Cross Cancer Institute
— Volunteer with the 25th Christ Church Scouting Organization
— Board Member for The Terra Centre for Teen Parents
— Habitat for Humanity building projects

Community Dinners

The Community Dinners have resumed, and take place on the third Saturday of the month.
The next Community Dinner will be on June 18th, 2022
Serving over 130 people a warm and nutritious meal each month, The Christ Church Community Dinner Ministry focuses on giving back to others. Getting together on a Saturday morning to peel, chop, cut, stir and dice, volunteers enjoy the company of their peers amidst laughter and good conversation. Later in the day other volunteers file in, setting tables, making the salad, setting out the plates, and getting the dishwasher warmed up. At 3:30 p.m. guests begin to arrive for a cup of coffee, a cookie and a chat. At 5 p.m. the meal is ready and a new crew comes in to dish up the food, clear the dishes, and wash up. Over 35 volunteers a month gather together to make these dinners possible, and this spirit of giving is one that forms a major tenant on which Christ Church is based.
“My philosophy has always been Christ Church is my church home, and I invite guests into my church home for a meal, at a nice table, and a time of friendship. All guests are treated with dignity and respect as they would be in my own home.”—Sheila Moorey, Community Dinner Coordinator

Refugee Sponsorship

Christ Church is committed to several co-sponsorships of refugee families, and is a full sponsor of a Syrian family coming to Edmonton.The Refugee Committee’s job is to raise money, find accommodation, and plan to provide all necessary goods and services for one year.

Community BBQ’s

One of the cornerstones of Christ Church’s mission action plan is to explore new ways to create a welcoming atmosphere, and to get to know our neighbours. One of the ways we reached out was through a series of community barbecues that we hosted, during which we invited those living in the apartments buildings around the parish to join us for a meal. We were thrilled with the terrific response, and it was an amazing opportunity to not only get to know our neighbours, but for them to get to know each other as well. The lawns at Christ Church provided an absolutely perfect venue for the games, food, and fellowship that these barbecues provided.
Here is a snapshot of one of our 2019 events.

The Community BBQ’s are returning once again.

They will be happening on July 16, 2022 and August 20, 2022.

“I’m thankful for the Christ Church community for their willing to take risks, to be challenged and to challenge others to grow in their faith…and to extend God’s love into the community.”  Rev. Canon Susan Oliver

Social Justice Action Team (SJAT)

Acting on the gospel call to love our neighbours, our Social Justice Action Team (SJAT) meets regularly to discuss ways in which Christ Church can live out its faith while building community connections. The focus of this team is both local and global, and their members are involved in a variety of ministries within the city of Edmonton. Under their leadership Christ Church has been involved in partnerships with E4C, the Edmonton Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, ICPM Sunday Lunch ministry and One Billion Rising.