Built in 1920

The Architectural History of Christ Church

Christ Church was established on April 1st, 1909, at the home of Mrs. F.S. O’Connor, where Anglican residents of West Edmonton met to discuss the need for a second Anglican church on the north side of the river.

Land was purchased from the Hudson’s Bay Company, and the first Christ Church was built only blocks away from where our current building stands.

Today’s Christ Church was built in 1920 based on the design of architect and church member W.G. Blakey, and stands on land that had previously been used as a skating rink and tennis court. The clubhouse became the rectory (now Ascension House), and as the church community grew the hall was added and later expanded. It was Blakey, along with his brother and partner R.P Blakey, who designed many of the gifts and memorials that were later installed in the church.

Find out more about Christ Church’s place in Edmonton’s architectural heritage by clicking this link http://www.edmontonsarchitecturalheritage.ca/structures/christ-church/