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A wedding is a blessed sacrament, an outward expression of the gift of love that God has given us. Here at Christ Church we love celebrating couples as they unite in the presence of friends, family, and the ever present glory of God!

It is important to us that your wedding ceremony is everything you’d like it to be. In order to ensure this, marriage preparation with Christ Church involves a few key steps.

When you first inquire about a wedding day, we will reserve a date for you. Keep in mind that this date won’t be officially confirmed until after your initial interview with a member of our clergy. It is customary that we invite you to come to a Sunday morning service and to speak with either Rev. Sue or Rev. Nick. The purpose of this initial interview is to discuss your hopes for your wedding and to establish whether getting married at Christ Church would be a good fit for everyone.

You will be asked to attend a marriage preparation course which is designed to help you consider various aspects of married life. These may include:  finances, intimacy, and interpersonal relationships. This course or its equivalent is a requirement for marriage in the Anglican Church of Canada.

It is important to note that if you have been previously married to someone who is still living, your clergy advisor will ask to see a copy of your final divorce decree. Church policy requires that the proposed date for your wedding is at least one full year after the issue of the final Certificate of Divorce.

Keep in mind too that while several months notice is recommended, The Anglican Church requires at the very least 60 days notice to perform a wedding ceremony. We do not as a rule book weddings during Lent, Holy Week, and the week before Christmas.

While more details will be discussed as we move forward in the process, we do ask that photography by guests be restricted to the processions before and after the service and at the signing of the register. We even have our very own photographers, Funmi & Adrian, who are happy to offer their services!

For more information including fees, booking, and details on how we can be a part of your special day, please contact the office at, or see the attached form for hall and kitchen rental fees.